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Mariagrazia Cappetti, artist and creamist, daughter of Giovanni Cappetti acquired her skill in decoration from her father's workshop, her technique from the laboratories of Esmalglass(industrial producers of varnishes), drawing and water colours under Wanda Fiscina and her studies in Painting and Fine Arts under Mario Carotenuto, Virginio Quarta and Raffaele Graziano. Later she directed her skills to ceramics under various masters from the Italian and foreign scene among whom, besides her renowned father, Pompeo Pianezzola, Guido Mariani, Emiddio Galassi, Pietro Maddalena and Tony Soriano. At Ogliara she carried out research for the production of antique ceramics at the laboratories of H. Simonis, the famous experimentalist of the Ernestine Factory which produced some of the great artistic ceramics from 1950 to 1970, collaborating with him in the production of several industrial panels.

Mariagrazia Cappetti participated in the seminar held by the Milanese designer Enzo Mari, forming together with other young ceramists the group “Zazà”, who, having learnt the design method of Mari exhibited in the closing exhibition.

The personal works of Mariagrazia Cappetti which develop along lines recreating classical themes using contemporary expression can be seen in the “Classical Collection of  Madonnas in Majolica” (exhibited at the “Museum Creative Town” at Ogliara), and in the cycle “Inside the Mystery of 20 Women”, a survey of the femminine world (exhibited in the Showroom Prima Saledil in Salerno).
The collection of classical Madonnas consists of a series of icons of Women/Madonnas which explore both the figure and colour, drawing on the artist's cultural and technical background which includes her father's experimentation, so as to convey a personal and original interpratation of the theme through her artistic and creative sensibility. The cycle on women, instead, goes back to the femminine universe in which the looks portrayed follow the eye of the observer with the intensity of their inner eye,the whole, being enveloprd in the pleats and folds of the drapes,skilfully decorated in her own manner.

All the artistic works of Mariagrazia Cappetti are pervaded by a  serene, interior luminosity reflecting  a positive, Christian view of life. In her Ceramic Art this integral,organic intuition of the harmony of life is expressed and communicated with naturalness and skill using a soft, well defined design matched by an exuberant decoration high-lighted in a lively,refined chromaticism, generating ‘icons’ of rare beauty and splendour.