Ceramiche Giancappetti, maiolica, artigianato ceramico, riggiola, ceramica, maioliche, riggiole, ceramiche.
New York Times
Sunday, August 16 1992

At the top of the line is made to order flooring by Gian Cappetti, who raised and trained in Vietri, but now works in studio near Pontecagnano, a few miles south (Ceramica Giancappetti Artigiano, Via S. Vito, Pagliarone, 52790).

He can make copies of tile floors and murals used in older buildings, including, for hotel along the Amalfi drive, a mural copying the one in the 18th-century Chiesa dell’Divine Amore in Naples. Mr Cappetti does not have a showroom, but works mainly through arhitect and is represented interior design galleries in Rome, Milan and Paris.

At Gian Cappetti, the time to fill and orde varies according to its complexity and the amount of work he has a particular time, but one to three months would be a fair estimate. His work can be seen and ordered at the galleries in Rome, Milan or Paris of Architetti Associati Farnese.


L. C.